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Take Steps to Achieve Your (Vision) Dreams

What are your dreams? Most of us have one or more personal aspirations. The Dream Come True Foundation has designated January 13, 2014 as National Make Your Dream Come True Day. So, rather than listing nebulous New Year’s resolutions this year, use January 13 to actually take steps to make those dreams a reality.

Improving vision is often a dream for individuals who have to wear glasses or contacts. When you are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism, seeing the world clearly without the aid of vision correction devices may seem like an unobtainable goal.

However, at Victoria Eye Center, we have helped thousands of people achieve their dream of 20/20 vision and visual freedom through LASIK vision correction. The problem is that many people leave LASIK in the “dream” category, without ever truly investigating if they can afford LASIK and if the procedure will work for their eyes.

January 13 is the perfect day to schedule a free LASIK Consultation and really take that first step. Dr. Boozalis offers free LASIK Consultations to determine your LASIK candidacy, discuss LASIK financing options and answer all of your questions about LASIK.

Contact us today to make your vision dream a reality! Call 361-578-0234 or visit victoriaeyecenter.com.

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LASIK and Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a common refractive error, which means that the eye does not focus light properly on the retina (the back of the eye). This condition causes light to focus on areas in front of and/or behind the retina, making vision blurry or distorted at all distances.

Astigmatism occurs when you have an irregularly-shaped cornea. LASIK vision correction can often correct the “football” shaped cornea of astigmatism into more of a “basketball” shape, thereby allowing light to properly focus on the retina and provide clear vision.

LASIK is not the best option for all patients with astigmatism. For example, if your corneas are too thin to support the procedure or if you have a medical condition that may interfere with healing, an alternative to LASIK (such as PRK) might be more appropriate.

Advances in LASIK technology have made this popular procedure a viable option for more patients than ever before. To find out if you might be a good candidate for LASIK, contact Victoria Eye Center in Victoria to schedule your free LASIK Consultation at 361-578-0234 or victoriaeyecenter.com.

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Ways to Celebrate the Winter Solstice

The shortest day of the year is almost here. December 21st is the Winter Solstice; it’s the first day of winter and a great time to step back from all of the craziness of holiday preparations and just enjoy the simpler things in life.

Here are a few suggestions we have for unwinding:

    • Make a homemade craft for a loved one
    • Enjoy the beauty of the season: take a hike, watch the sun set, build a snowman
    • Light candles in your home, build a fire in the fireplace
    • Sip hot chocolate and read a book
    • Have a simple dinner party (or go out to dinner) with family and friends
    • Reflect on what you wish for the upcoming year

While you are reflecting, if “improving your vision” tops your list of wishes, take a moment out of your Winter Solstice celebration to schedule a free LASIK consultation. Even though this day falls on a Saturday, you can still schedule an appointment online at Victoria Eye Center’s website: victoriaeyecenter.com.

LASIK vision correction helps people reduce or eliminate their need for glasses. Dr. Boozalis has helped numerous patients correct their refractive errors and live a clearer life. The procedure isn’t for everyone, which is why the free LASIK consultation is so important.

Enjoy the 2013 Winter Solstice! And, if you wear glasses or contacts, let Dr. Boozalis show you how much more enjoyable your winter can be with LASIK.

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Busting LASIK Myths

If you have been considering LASIK, but you’re confused about some of the claims being made, you might be falling victim to some common LASIK myths. In this blog, we will provide the reality behind five common LASIK myths.

#1 – Anyone can have LASIK.

This simply isn’t true. Certain vision conditions and even your overall health may cause you to be a poor candidate for LASIK. You must have a full LASIK examination by a trained ophthalmologist to determine:

    • The thickness of your cornea (if it is too thin, LASIK is not recommended)
    • Prevalence of Dry Eye Syndrome
    • Prevalence of eye disease, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, etc.
    • Your current medical health

If a surgeon tells you that anyone can have LASIK, go somewhere else!

#2 – You’ll never need glasses again after LASIK.

Regardless of whether or not you have LASIK, a condition called presbyopia can “sneak up” on you when you reach your mid-40s. Caused by the stiffening of the eye lens, the eyes begin to have problems focusing on near objects. This is an age-related problem that happens to virtually everyone, and you may need reading glasses later in life to read up-close or in dimly-lit situations.

#3 – If you have astigmatism, you can’t have LASIK.

When you have a cornea that is shaped more like a football than a basketball, advanced LASIK technologies can be used to change the shape of the cornea to create the optimal shape and improve vision. Of course, every patient is unique. You can find out if your particular degree of astigmatism can be corrected by having a full eye exam.

#4 – LASIK is expensive. It’s cheaper to wear glasses.

When you look at the total cost of LASIK, it may seem like an unobtainable luxury. However, studies have shown that in the long run people may spend less on LASIK than on the continued maintenance of eyeglasses and contact lenses…and these are expenses that never end. When you weigh that number against the one-time cost of LASIK, and the fact that excellent LASIK financing options exist, the procedure looks much more affordable.

#5 – If I can’t have LASIK, I can’t get my vision corrected.

There are actually alternatives to LASIK for people who aren’t candidates for LASIK. PRK or ASA procedures do not require that a corneal flap be created, so those with thin corneas are sometimes candidates for this option. Alternatively, Refractive Lens Exchange is a procedure in which the natural lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial Intraocular Lens (IOL) to correct vision. There are other options as well, and your doctor should discuss those with you.

Don’t write off LASIK without knowing all of the facts. Schedule your free LASIK Consultation at Victoria Eye Center in Victoria today at 361-578-0234 or victoriaeyecenter.com to learn more.

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Celebrate Letter Writing Day!

Did you know that December 7 is Letter Writing Day? It’s a real observance that encourages people to swap their computer keys and texting thumbs for a pen or pencil…and to craft a hand-written note to someone. Sending someone a personal letter shows that you took time out of your busy schedule to share a story or two about your recent activities…or to thank them for a kind gesture…or to ask Santa for that new remote-controlled car!


For some people, writing a letter means getting out their glasses or putting in their contacts to see their words form on the page. Farsighted people have difficulty seeing things up-close, which can make writing, reading and fine detail work just plain impossible without corrective lenses. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to jot down a note anytime, day or night, without the hassles of glasses or contacts?


LASIK vision correction can make letter-writing a breeze for some patients. The process actually corrects the shape of the cornea in farsighted patients, helping light to focus directly on the retina as opposed to behind it.


LASIK won’t help you craft the great American novel, but it has helped millions of Americans see up-close more clearly. It’s also important to know that even after LASIK, some patients need reading glasses in later life due to the natural stiffening of the eye’s lenses…a naturally-occurring condition called presbyopia.


To find out if your next Letter Writing Day could be celebrated without glasses, contact Victoria Eye Center in Victoria today by calling 361-578-0234 or visiting victoriaeyecenter.com to schedule your free LASIK Consultation.


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Happy Thanksgiving from Victoria Eye Center!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the team at Victoria Eye Center would like to take a moment to share a few of the things for which we are thankful.

We are thankful that:

    • We’ve had the privilege of providing eyesight care for the people of Victoria since 1995.
    • We have an outstanding ophthalmologist who is specially trained and highly experienced in LASIK vision correction.
    • The LASIK technologies we’ve invested in are allowing us to improve vision for even more patients – even some of those who were not candidates in the past.
    • Our entire team maintains strong ethical standards and only performs LASIK on qualified candidates.
    • We help patients afford the improved vision they desire through LASIK financing options.
    • We get the opportunity to help educate people about every aspect of LASIK, whether or not they choose us for their procedure.

Our goal is to make our patients feel thankful that they chose Victoria Eye Center for their vision correction.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy time with your loved ones this holiday season. And if the quality of your vision isn’t something that is making you thankful, contact Victoria Eye Center in Victoria to schedule your free LASIK Consultation. Call 361-578-0234 or visit victoriaeyecenter.com.

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Improve Your Vision for National Family Literacy Month®

The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) has designated the month of November as National Family Literacy Month®. Having the ability to read with your children can dramatically improve their performance at school as well as their economical, emotional and social development. Family reading time also helps to strengthen the family bond.

At Victoria Eye Center we work hard to help adults achieve clear vision so it’s easy and fun to read – both to their children and for their own enjoyment. One way we do this is through LASIK vision correction. LASIK can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism by actually changing the shape of the cornea. When the cornea is properly shaped, light coming into the eye will focus correctly on the retina (the back of the eye).

Some patients are able to eliminate their need for glasses and contacts after LASIK. Of course, every patient is different, but think of how much more enjoyable reading would be if you didn’t have to hunt for your glasses or take out your contacts at night when reading before bed.

Not everyone who wears glasses is a good candidate for LASIK. You need an in-depth examination by a trained ophthalmologist to find out for sure. At Victoria Eye Center we offer free LASIK Consultations to do just that.

The NCFL has created a fundraising challenge called The Big Give for Families Learning to raise money to support family literacy and learning programs. Participants can win a variety of fantastic prizes. Visit the NCFL website to learn more: http://www.famlit.org/.

Make this a National Family Literacy Month to remember. Contact Victoria Eye Center in Victoria today to schedule your free LASIK Consultation to find out if LASIK is right for you: 361-578-0234 or victoriaeyecenter.com.

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Using Flex Plans to Pay for LASIK

Tired of wearing glasses or contacts but not sure how to pay for LASIK? If your company offers a Flexible Spending Account, you can choose to place a portion of your pre-tax earnings into this short-term, tax-free savings account to use for non-reimbursable medical expenses, such as LASIK. You can save up to $2,500 on LASIK, depending on your annual income. This program lowers your taxable income.

Use it or Lose it! Most Flex Plans have strict usage rules. If you don’t spend your money on your procedure within the specified timeframe, you will lose your savings.

Follow These Steps for Flex Plan Savings

  • Find out if you are a candidate for LASIK by scheduling a Free LASIK Consultation at Victoria Eye Center.
  • Find out your company’s deadline for open enrollment to sign up for Flexible Spending Accounts.
  • Find out how the cost of your LASIK procedure so you’ll know how much to set aside in your account. This will be determined during the Consultation. Dr.Boozalis cannot pre-determine what procedure will be best for you without examining your eyes first.

Combine Flex Plan Savings with LASIK Financing! Contact Victoria Eye Center to learn more about our 0% interest LASIK financing program, how LASIK is performed and what advanced LASIK technologies Dr.Boozalis uses. Contact us today at 361-578-0234 or victoriaeyecenter.com.

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The Effect of Vision Problems on the Collective American Wallets

Prevent Blindness America (PBA) recently commissioned researchers from the University of Chicago to determine how the cost of vision-related diseases affects the American economy. What they discovered is that the long-term effects of eye diseases/disorders and vision loss cost our government, insurance companies and patients approximately $139 billion every year…and there is no growth end in sight. The largest burden, $71.6 billion, falls on patients and their families. This makes eye diseases/disorders one of the most expensive medical conditions in the United States.

Vision problems and vision loss can make a huge impact on a person’s ability to lead a productive professional and personal life. Having regular eye exams can act as a safeguard to stay on top of any obvious or “silent” vision changes that may be developing and allow patients to take proactive measures to preserve their sight. Eye exams can even help detect the presence of other medical conditions, such as diabetes.

At Victoria Eye Center in Victoria, our goal is to help our patients live fuller lives through eye care. We do this through medical procedures like cataract surgery and LASIK eye surgery, as well as treatment/maintenance of conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration. We work hard to help our patients see with clarity to perform everyday tasks and remain productive members of society.

Eye disease prevention, maintenance and research will go a long way toward keeping vision medical costs in check. We encourage you to schedule an eye exam/Vision Consultation today. Call 361-578-0234 or visit victoriaeyecenter.com.

(The University of Chicago report is titled: “Cost of Vision Problems: The Economic Burden of Vision Loss and Eye Disorders in the United States.“)

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