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Presbyopia is a condition that occurs naturally to most people as they grow older. Over time, the eyes’ natural lenses begin to lose flexibility and become more rigid. The eye muscles lose the ability to flex the lens enough to accommodate close-up vision.

For most people, presbyopia becomes noticeable as they reach their 40s. Even people who never had to wear glasses in the past may find that they need reading glasses in Victoria, Texas to see things like restaurant menus, fine print on medicine bottles, computer screens, books and more.

Symptoms of Presbyopia

  • Blurry up-close vision
  • Difficulty reading fine print, especially in low light environments
  • Eyestrain when reading for long periods
  • Need to hold reading material far away from your eyes

Treatment for Presbyopia

Dr. Boozalis offers different treatment options for presbyopia in Victoria, Texas, depending on your current eye health, lifestyle and vision goals:

If you are tired of constantly needing reading glasses around the house, at work or on-the-go, contact Victoria Eye Center to schedule an eye exam in Victoria, Texas and learn about the treatment options for your unique situation.

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