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Low Vision

Low Vision is the term used to describe vision impairment or partial sight. Typically, low vision is not fully correctable with surgery or medications, so visual devices are used to maximize sight.

Low vision can range from moderate visual impairment, such as tunnel vision or blind spots, to “legal blindness,” to almost total blindness. The causes are numerous, including eye injury, diseases such as Macular Degeneration and heredity.

The range of problems may include the inability to focus, distinguish colors, see contrasts, or spatial relationships. Low vision patients typically do not drive, can’t enjoy television and computers, and can’t complete basic tasks like bill-paying. Understandably, they don’t feel safe with day-to-day living. This leads low vision patients to feel shut off from their community, while becoming very dependent on family and friends.

Dr. Caia Homerstad, our low vision specialist, strives to keep her patients independent and as active as possible. She uses tools like magnifiers and telescopes along with emotional support for patients and their families. Dr. Homerstad works to connect patients with the resources and devices necessary to support the low vision lifestyle. She encourages independence and self-confidence for the best possible quality of life.

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