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OCuSOFT Products

Keep Your Eyes Clean, Healthy, Protected, and Nourished

At Victoria Eye Center, your eye health is our top priority. That’s why we offer a full range of OCuSOFT® products to help keep your eyes nourished, eyelids clean, and more. We also stock Zoria® cosmetic products that are specially formulated to keep you looking your best.

“As a convenience, your doctor has decided to offer the most innovative therapies, some of which are not available in many pharmacies, to provide you with the best care possible at the best price possible. Each product has been tested, recommended, and trusted by your doctor so you never have to shop around or settle for substitutes again.”- OCuSOFT® Dry Eye 360

OCuSOFT®  Products Available

  • Lid Scrub® Original Pads
  • Lid Scrub® Original Foam
  • Lid Scrub® PLUS Pads
  • Lid Scrub® PLUS Foam
  • Retaine® CMC™
  • Retaine® MGD
  • Retaine® OM3 Supplement
  • Retaine® FLAX™ Supplement
  • Retaine® HPMC™
  • Retaine® Vision™
  • Retaine® PM™
  • Retaine® NaCl™ Ointment
  • Retaine® NaCl™ Solution
  • Tears Again® ADVANCED Eyelid Spray
  • Tranquileyes™ Beads
  • Zoria® Boost Lash Intensifying Serum
  • Zoria® Mascara for Sensitive Eyes
  • Hot/Cold Double Eye Masks
  • D.E.R.M. – Dry Eye Relief Masks

Your doctor will discuss which OCuSOFT®  product(s) will benefit your eyes and meet your specific eye care needs. Contact us today to learn more.