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NanoTears® Now Available for Dry Eye

Victoria Eye Center now offers the full line of NanoTears® treatment for dry eye relief for both evaporative and aqueous dry eye conditions. Containing a proprietary formula of nano-phased lipids (Nanopids®), along with a gelling agent, NanoTears help:

  • Restore and revitalize the lipid layer of tears
  • Provide a barrier to tear loss
  • Reduce tear evaporation that can lead to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)
  • Ensures the stability of the tear film
  • Provides tear replacement

In the bottle, NanoTears takes on a solution form. When the drops are applied to the eye, the solution is converted into a lubricating gel to provide instant soothing comfort. Most patients who have tried this prescription eye drop have experienced a reduction in eye discomfort without the typical post-drop blurriness of other eye drops.

NanoTears products are available for:

  • Mild dry eye relief (NanoTears TF)
  • Moderate dry eye relief (NanoTears XP)
  • Intensive dry eye relief (NanoTears MO)
  • Severe dry eye relief (NanoTears MXFORTE)

If you suffer from symptoms of dry eye, contact us today to learn more about NanoTears and find out if this treatment is right for you. It is important to get your dry eye condition under control to protect your eyes from corneal damage.

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