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5 Tips on Choosing a LASIK Surgeon

Choosing_a_LASIK_Surgeon.jpgIf you’re looking for a LASIK surgeon, Victora Eye Center in Victoria recommends that you take the time to consider these five factors before making a decision.

Recommendations.  Did your friends, family or co-workers recommend him or her?  If not, see if you can find a surgeon recommended by someone you trust or check online sources for strong, authentic reviews.

Professional qualifications. Check the qualifications of your surgeon.  How many procedures has he performed?  What is the success rate?  How often is a correction needed?

Friendliness.  This goes for the staff as well as the surgeon.  If you’re not getting a good vibe from your initial consultation, or the staff seems unfriendly, unavailable or inattentive, go elsewhere.

Technology.  What kind of technology does the eye surgeon use?  Is the patient able to select the type of technology used? Be sure to ask if the surgeon offers 100 percent all-laser LASIK (also known as Bladeless LASIK).  Some surgeons use a microkeratome blade although many patients prefer a Bladeless LASIK procedure.

Results.  Does your procedure come with a warranty for a certain period of time?  What does it cover?

If we can help you with questions on selecting a LASIK surgeon, please contact Victoria Eye Center in Victoria at 800-833-0234 or victoriaeyecenter.com to schedule a LASIK consultation.