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At Victoria Eye Center, we are proud to offer our patients the revolutionary EVO ICL™ in Victoria, TX. You may have heard about this great alternative to LASIK that can provide amazing vision results without the removal of corneal tissue. Worldwide, over 1 million EVO ICL lenses have been implanted to correct nearsightedness (myopia) and astigmatism. Even singers, actors and athletes are singing the praises of this technology. Scroll down to view videos of Joe Jonas, Peyton List and Max Strus. 

What is EVO ICL?

EVO is a biocompatible implantable Collamer® lens that is implanted into your eye between your iris and natural lens. Only a tiny incision is needed to insert the small, flexible lens. The lens allows light entering the eye to focus on the retina for clear vision. Even though you can’t feel the lens and it is invisible to others, it can make your vision sharper and more vivid. Some patients will see more clearly immediately after the procedure is performed.  

The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes and is performed by Dr. Peter Lam in our Victoria Surgery Center. Most patients experience very little discomfort or pain because the eyes are numbed with a topical or local anesthetic prior to the procedure.

Benefits of EVO

  • Reduces or eliminates your need for glasses and contact lenses
  • Collamer lens material works in harmony with your eye’s natural chemistry
  • Less chance of dry eye
  • Provides a layer of UV protection for your eyes
  • Permanent, yet removable option for vision improvement
  • Procedure takes just 20-30 minutes
  • Results are often immediate
  • Lens is unnoticeable to others

Good Candidates for EVO

If you are between the ages of 21 and 45, we may recommend EVO if you have:

  • Mild to severe nearsightedness with or without astigmatism
  • Thin corneas
  • History of dry eye
  • Stable vision prescription for at least one year
  • No eye disease or history of eye disease

Click the videos below to watch the EVO ICL journeys of singer/actor, Joe Jonas; actress Peyton List; and professional basketball player, Max Strus.  

Potential Risks

Any medical procedure has certain risks associated with it. Potential complications of the EVO ICL procedure, although rare, include inflammation, an increase in eye pressure, or the need for an additional procedure, like an ICL exchange. While these potential risks are mitigated as much as possible, they can all typically be addressed early and without long-term side effects.

To learn more about how you may be able to change your vision with EVO ICLs right here in Victoria, Texas, contact us and schedule a free Evaluation.

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