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The only permanent correction for cataracts is to undergo cataract surgery. Cataract surgery has progressed to a point where it is one of the safest of all medical procedures. It involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with a clear one. The results are virtually instant, although the patient may still have to wear glasses to see clearly.

Modern cataract surgery only takes a few minutes to perform. Barring any unforeseen complications, your vision usually returns to the way it was before cataracts by the next day.

No Shot/No Stitch Cataract Surgery Procedure

Victoria Eye Center is proud to have introduced the advanced no shot/no-stitch method of cataract surgery to the South Texas area. During cataract surgery, your eyes are numbed with topical anesthesia (via eye drops). Using ultrasound energy through a tiny, minimally-invasive incision in your eye, the natural clouded lens is broken up and removed. Your surgeon then replaces it with an artificial Intraocular Lens (IOL).

The procedure is virtually painless and comfortable for the patient.

After the procedure you’ll rest for a short while before you go home. Your doctor will typically examine your eye within 24 hours. You’ll need to use prescription eye drops to guard against infection and help your eye heal. For a few days, you may need to wear a protective shield, especially at night to prevent you from rubbing your eye. Everyone heals somewhat differently, but most patients see well enough to return to most of their routine activities the day after surgery.

IOL Options

Traditional surgery replaces the lens with an artificial Monofocal IOL, designed to provide clear vision but not correct pre-existing eye conditions. You can explore advanced Lifestyle Lens options that are designed to restore clear distance vision and correct close-up reading vision as well, reducing or even eliminating any need for glasses or contacts.

Victoria Eye Center is a Medicare-approved Ambulatory Surgery Center, meaning they can perform your procedure right there at the center. It’s an honor that allows us to offer patients the safest, most comfortable and cost-effective method of cataract surgery available today. With two complete operating suites and a dedicated surgical staff, cataract patients enjoy personal care and attention in a convenient, caring environment you are familiar with and trust.

Contact us today to schedule a Cataract Consultation to determine if cataract surgery is right for you.

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