Welcome to Victoria Eye Center

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 7:30am to 5:00pm
  Contact : 800.833.0234


The amount of people who have been treated at Victoria Eye Center since 1995 may seem astounding. While Dr. George Boozalis has performed 10,000 refractive and 25,000 cataract procedures over the years, we tend not to focus on the quantity of patients but rather our quality of care.

Yes, we have a good number of patients who come through our doors every day. But every single patient is treated with the utmost respect. We realize that having problems with your eyesight can be scary, and we spend all the time necessary to help every patient fully understand their diagnosis, treatment options, the technologies we use and our recommendations.

Ultimately, we leave it up to you, the patient, to make your own decisions about treatment. At Victoria Eye Center, you’ll never be subjected to sales pressure; you’ll never feel rushed to have a procedure that you’re not ready for. Contact us today to schedule a Vision Evaluation.

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