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Can Fido Get LASIK?

DogDog owners go to some extraordinary lengths to pamper their pooches, and some owners may wonder: “Can dogs get LASIK?”

It has been reported that some dog breeds have a tendency to be nearsighted, others farsighted – just like people. But we have not heard of any actual LASIK procedures performed on dogs to correct these refractive errors. There is a diuretic drug for dogs called “Lasix” that is sometimes confused with “LASIK.” Lasix is used to treat congestive heart failure and edema, or fluid build-up.

Dogs can also develop eye problems like cataracts and glaucoma and there have been reported cases of dogs receiving laser eye surgeries to provide improved canine vision for these conditions. This type of laser surgery is not the same as LASIK vision correction.

At Victoria Eye Center, we do not treat animal eye problems. We do, however, provide technologically advanced LASIK vision correction in Victoria for humans. In fact, the 20/20 vision results we provide for most of our patients allows them to enjoy life with their “best friends” without the hassles of:

    • Fogged up glasses when playing outside in the snow
    • Dirt under contact lenses when at the dog park
    • Glasses that slide down their noses during walks in the summertime

If you would like to improve your vision, contact Victoria Eye Center today to schedule a free LASIK Consultation and find out if your eyes are right for Victoria LASIK. We also provide treatment for cataracts and glaucoma in Victoria…but only for humans.