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Employee Spotlight

Mandie Hewitt
Surgery Technician & Counselor

Mandie plays an integral role as part of the surgical team at Victoria Eye Center and Victoria Surgery Center. She assists and helps coach patients throughout their chosen treatment plans.

“I enjoy helping patients through the process of scheduling, insurance and educating them on the procedures per the patient plan that Dr. Boozalis has recommended for them,” says Mandie. “I want to help make the patient aware of assistance options if help is needed. I don’t want a patient to feel alone if they don’t have family that can help guide them.”

Mandie has been with Victoria Eye Center over 11 years and feels a strong connection with each patient. “I consider many of the patients I see and talk to monthly as friends. Same thing when I am on the surgery side; when in post-op care I get to talk with the patient and family and make sure that post-op instructions are understood and the patient has everything they will need after surgery. I love helping in the clinic with EYLEA® injections for macular degeneration patients and LASIK surgery on Friday mornings. I enjoy greeting patients and their families who are excited about getting LASIK.”

Many people in the Crossroads area are not aware of all the services and procedures that Victoria Eye Center provides. “I know that we can meet most eye care needs from a basic eye exam to ARMD, DME, IOL surgery, LASIK and much more,” Mandie says. “You want to keep up with the overall health of the eyes just like you would the rest of your body.”

Victoria Eye Center makes it easy and convenient to schedule comprehensive, dilated exams to evaluate the overall health of the eyes. If treatment for any condition is required, we can assist with quality care right here in our community.

Mandie is extremely family oriented and enjoys time with her kids when away from the eye center. “I am a mother of four (two girls: Madison, age 22 and Mallory, age 16 and twin boys: Matthew and Mason, age 15). I also have a granddaughter that is 5 months old. My fiancé and I spend our free time with the kids and our granddaughter as that is what is most important to us.”

Mandie also enjoys photography and can be found behind the lens of a camera most days. Mandie’s life is driven by her aspirations to “guide my kids to be successful and caring in life. I have always told them they can do anything with hard work and to always treat others the way you want to be treated.”