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Halloween without Glasses

halloween lasik

Unless you want to dress up as Clark Kent, Austin Powers, Harry Potter or a hippie chick, there aren’t too many Halloween costumes that feature glasses. But if you…

    • Are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism…
    • Can’t wear contact lenses…
    • And actually want to see your friends at a Halloween party…

…you may have to be a football player, zombie, vampire or other character with spectacles.

The other option: LASIK vision correction in Cuervo & Victoria.

We’re not suggesting that you enter into refractive surgery just to improve your chances at winning a costume contest. But if you are tired of wearing glasses and would like the opportunity to have 20/20 vision, you owe it to yourself to research your Port Lavaca LASIK options.

Dr. Boozalis at Victoria Eye Center offers free LASIK Consultations to help patients:

    • Understand how LASIK works
    • Determine if their unique eyes are right for the procedure
    • Learn about different LASIK technologies
    • Learn the risks and rewards of LASIK
    • Meet our staff and learn our track record of success

Halloween will be here soon. If you want better vision before October 31, schedule your LASIK Consultation right away so you can find out if LASIK is right for you by calling 361-578-0234 or visiting victoriaeyecenter.com. If Dr. Boozalis gives you the green light, you could be rocking your Halloween costume lens-free!