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How to Prevent Dry Eye After LASIK

Dry eye is a common side effect after you have vision correction surgery. The obvious counter to dry eye is to hydrate the eyes. The simplest way to provide hydration to the body is by drinking plenty of water. To keep the body healthy, it is recommended that a person drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Drinking water helps to flush out salt in the body while properly hydrating the eyes and reducing eye strain. Staying hydrated also helps to effectively produce natural tears that lubricate the eyes and maintain a healthy tear volume. In addition to water intake, consuming flaxseed or fish oil prior to surgery can help improve the tear film to help you avoid dry eye symptoms. Natural hydration is the key in how to prevent dry eye after LASIK.

Post-LASIK dry eye is usually temporary. For most patients, dry eye resolves within 1 month of recovery. Only a small percentage of patients have chronic dry eye following LASIK surgery. Although it is not always easy to prevent dry eyes, there are solutions to ease symptoms to help your eyes feel comfortable again. Artificial tears are a proven solution for alleviating dry eye symptoms that include redness, burning, stinging, gritty feeling in the eyes and discomfort. Installing a humidifier, limiting time in dry climates with wind and cold and applying a warm, damp compress can also help prevent dry eye after LASIK. In addition, some patients have had success with a topical cyclosporine treatment as part of their post-operative care.

The likelihood of experiencing dry eye after LASIK is predicated on existing risk factors you may already have before your LASIK procedure. These include pre existing chronic dry eyes, high myopia, older age, having an autoimmune disease, being a postmenopausal woman and certain medications such as antidepressants, antihistamines and blood pressure regulators. After your LASIK evaluation at Victoria Eye Center, your surgeon will discuss with you the best remedies for dry eye after surgery and how to best prepare for any symptoms that you may experience after your procedure. Call 800-833-0234 with any questions or concerns. For more information on what to expect regarding LASIK, visit WEBSITE