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LASIK for the Fearful-Overcoming Anxiety about Eye Surgery

The propensity to be nervous, scared, or anxious before surgery is perfectly normal. Every surgery has some degree of risk. For some prospective LASIK patients, mentally preparing for a laser to be directed into their eyes is reason enough to experience some elevated blood pressure. Victoria Eye Center is here to guide you through the entire LASIK process, including some helpful tips for how to get ready for surgery. LASIK for the fearful-simple strategies for overcoming anxiety about eye surgery will help calm your nerves before procedure day. 

To date, no one has ever become blind from LASIK. LASIK eye surgery utilizes a very precise excimer laser to thin out and reshape the cornea. It has the capacity to determine when a patient moves so if you sneeze, blink, or have some other sort of involuntary movement, the laser will shut off, reposition, and continue with the process. LASIK eye surgery also boasts a 96% success rate. Learning more about the technology, accuracy, and safety at our website WEBSITE helps empower our patients with knowledge that the benefits far outweigh the minimal risks of LASIK. 

On the day of surgery, you will need someone to drive you home after the procedure. If possible, enlist this responsibility to someone who will also be your emotional support in the time leading up to surgery. This person will have your best interest at heart and can help you remain calm. Distractions are also a welcome solution to overcoming anxiety about eye surgery. Bring a book, magazine, deck of cards, something that will occupy your mind instead of focusing on the surgery. Consider breathing exercises to help calm the mind and body. Reduce your stress level with a proven breathing trick that can keep your breathing at a slow and steady rate. Inhale deeply for five seconds. Hold for another 5 seconds. Exhale slowly for five seconds. And repeat as many times as necessary until you begin to relax. If you are still worried about overcoming anxiety about eye surgery, ask your doctor for something to relax. LASIK surgeons can provide anti-anxiety medication such as diazepam, also known as valium, so that you can feel more comfortable. 
LASIK is a quick procedure typically only lasting about 15 minutes, with the laser focused on each eye for less than 60 seconds. One minute goes by quickly. Remind yourself eye surgery truly will go by in the blink of an eye. The more information you have at your disposal, the more confident you will be about your LASIK procedure. Call Victoria Eye Center today at 800-833-0234 for a personalized appointment to discuss the details of your upcoming surgery as well as your concerns about overcoming anxiety about eye surgery.