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LASIK & Large Pupils

If you have large pupils, you may have heard that having LASIK vision correction in Victoria, Texas might increase your risk of certain side effects, such as halos/glare around lights at night.

There have been numerous studies over the past 10+ years about the effect of pupil size on LASIK outcomes. While there is no conclusive evidence, researchers have found some correlations in the size of the surgical ablation zone (the section of the cornea that is reshaped by the laser), the follow-up period and night vision problems.

No Night Vision Problems

    • Ablation zone 6.0 mm in diameter or larger
    • Follow-up period at least three months

Some Night Vision Problems

    • Ablation zone smaller than 6.0 mm in diameter
    • No ablation size specified
    • Less than three months follow-up

The advanced LASIK technologies we use at Victoria Eye Center may reduce the chance of night vision problems for many patients. However, if you are considering LASIK and are concerned about night vision problems, it’s best to schedule a free LASIK Consultation in Victoria to first find out if your eyes are right for LASIK. During the Consultation you can ask the doctor specific questions about LASIK side effects and inquire about the results of past LASIK patients.

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