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LASIK vs. PRK: What is the Difference?

LASIK_vs_PRK.jpgOne of the most well-known eye surgeries is LASIK.  When asked, most people have heard about it. But PRK, which stands for photo refractive keratectomy, is less well-known.  What’s the difference?

PRK and LASIK are both laser surgery procedures and both work by changing the shape of the cornea. The difference is mainly in the method. With PRK, the surgeon removes the outer layer of the cornea and exposes an area for the laser to reshape.  With LASIK, the surgeon makes an incision in the cornea to create a flap of tissue which is lifted so the laser can be applied to reshape the inner layers of the cornea.

PRK can be a better choice for people with certain conditions such as dry eyes or thin corneas.  However, PRK can be more uncomfortable and takes longer to heal.  LASIK has a quick recovery period and discomfort tends to be minimal.

Your surgeon will discuss which surgical procedure is right for you.  If you’re interested in correcting your vision with laser surgery, please call Victoria Eye Center in Victoria at 800-833-0234 or victoriaeyecenter.com.