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Questions About LASIK Healing

LASIK_healing.jpgOne of the most popular questions we are asked is: How long does it take to heal after LASIK surgery?

Our answer is:  In most cases, the healing process is remarkably quick.  In fact, often by the next day, patients report an improvement in vision although there may be a haze or fog.

After LASIK surgery, someone will need to drive you home.  Your eyes may be itching, uncomfortable, weeping or may burn a little and will feel a bit blurry.  This is normal after LASIK.  You will be told to rest for several hours and may be instructed to sleep with an eye patch as it is important that you do not rub your eyes.  Medicated drops may be prescribed by your LASIK surgeon.

Although everyone heals differently, vision typically stabilizes within six months.  If you have questions about LASIK, contact Victoria Eye Center in Victoria at 800-833-0234 or victoriaeyecenter.com.