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Rubbing Your Eyes is a Bad Idea

Rubbing_Eyes_Causes_Problems.jpgYou’re tired.  Your eyes are itchy.  Naturally, you rub your eyes and they feel better. What’s wrong with that, right?  You can get dirt and germs in your eyes by rubbing them which could lead to eye infections.

If you have progressive myopia, a form of short-sightedness caused when the eyeball is too long, rubbing your eye can worsen the condition.

Anyone suffering from glaucoma in Victoria should be aware that rubbing their eyes can lead to increased eye pressure, disturbing blood flow and leading to nerve damage and permanent harm to your eyesight. If you have had glaucoma surgery, it is especially important that you avoid rubbing your eyes.

Those who have had LASIK surgery in Victoria should also avoid eye rubbing for at least a short time, per the instructions sent home with you by your eye care professional.

If you have a condition called Keratoconus, eye rubbing can be especially dangerous. Keratoconus is a thinning of the central part of the cornea which results in the normally round shape of the cornea to become distorted and cone-like in shape.  Although it doesn’t cause total loss of sight, Keratoconus leads to a progressive loss of vision and can be severe enough for patients to be declared legally blind.

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