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Teachers: This Winter Break…Make a Break from Glasses

TeacherTeachers: You do so much more than educate on various subjects!

    • You mold young minds.
    • You become role models.
    • You inspire greatness.
    • You change lives.

During most of the calendar year teachers spend time giving to others…often performing your daily tasks looking through corrective lenses. This winter break, Victoria Eye Center encourages you to take the time and do something that will make your job – and your life – easier:

Blade-free LASIK vision correction in Victoria.

Imagine how 20/20 vision could improve your classroom activities:

    • No searching for glasses left on filing cabinets, student desks or in the break room
    • No teaching breaks to readjust shifted contact lenses
    • No straining to see the clock on the wall (or those trouble-makers in the back of the room)
    • Less eye strain when grading papers

Of course, not every teacher will have the right vision characteristics for LASIK. And Victoria Eye Center cannot guarantee that every LASIK patient will achieve 20/20 vision in Victoria. The only way to find out for sure is by scheduling a free LASIK Consultation.

Winter break is the perfect time to have LASIK. The procedure takes just 10-15 minutes per eye and most patients can resume activities the next day. By the time school starts back up, you should be ready to tackle the next round of curriculum with gusto…possibly without the need for glasses at all!

Call Victoria Eye Center today at 800-833-0234 or visit victoriaeyecenter.com to schedule your free LASIK Consultation for winter break LASIK.