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Types of Cataracts

Causes of CataractsThere are three main types of cataracts.  These three are:

  • Subcapsular cataract. This type of cataract occurs at the back of the eye’s natural lens.  Those most at risk for this type of cataract includes people who suffer from diabetes or take high doses of steroid medications.
  • Nuclear cataracts form deep within the nucleus of the lens (the central area of the lens). Senior citizens commonly have nuclear cataracts and they are most associated with aging.
  • A cortical cataract occurs in the lens cortex. This is the part of the lens that surrounds the central nucleus.  This type of cataract is identified by its white opacities that form in the periphery and move to the central vision area.

For more information about cataracts, or to find out if you may be at risk for cataracts or if you are a candidate for laser cataract surgery, please call Victoria Eye Center in Victoria to schedule a cataract surgery consultation.