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Vision Conditions LASIK Corrects

What-LASIK-CorrectsLASIK laser vision correction in Victoria with Dr. Boozalis could be the path to better vision for you. LASIK not only improves your vision; it improves your quality of life. There are four general vision conditions that LASIK corrects.

Myopia: Myopia is also called nearsightedness and is a condition where you can see objects close-up much clearer than objects at a distance. If you have myopia, it is because your eye shape is longer than normal and/or you have an excessively steep cornea. Because of this, light entering your eyes does not focus on the retina as it should, but instead focuses on images at a point in front of the retina.

Hyperopia: Hyperopia is also known as farsightedness and is the opposite of myopia. Objects that are at a distance are clearer than objects that are up close. If you have hyperopia, it is because either your eye shape is too short or you have an excessively flat cornea. This is because light entering your eye focuses on images at a point behind the retina. In some cases, hyperopia may cause blurriness at both distance and near vision.

Astigmatism: Astigmatism is a common condition which results in blurry vision due to an unusually shaped eyeball. If you have astigmatism it is because you have an eye that is not spherical or basketball-shaped like a normal eye is, but is shaped more like a football and this causes the light rays to focus on two points instead of one. In addition, those with the condition of astigmatism often have myopia or hyperopia as well.

Presbyopia: Presbyopia is a common eye condition that normally occurs with aging and strikes people in between the ages of forty to fifty. It is the result of the eye lens losing its elasticity. This causes objects to become blurry the closer they become. This condition is usually corrected with reading glasses. LASIK cannot correct presbyopia alone but can compensate for the condition through a procedure known as monovision. One eye is corrected to see far away and the other is corrected to see up close so the brain is tricked into seeing clearly.

During LASIK in Victoria, Dr. Boozalis uses an excimer laser to remodel the cornea to properly refract light for corrected vision based on your unique eye condition and vision needs. Contact Victoria Eye Center at 800-833-0234 or victoriaeyecenter.com to schedule your free LASIK consultation today.