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Wearing Make-up After Cataract Surgery

Makeup after Cataract SurgeryMany cataract surgery patients want to know when they can start wearing make-up after laser-based cataract surgery. There is no set rule for how long you should wait; every patient will be different. At the very minimum, most patients should not wear any type of make-up (powders, foundation or eye make-up) for at least one week after surgery. Some patients may need to wait one month after surgery.

Wearing make-up too soon after surgery will increase your risk of make-up particles and/or applicators interfering with proper healing. You also run the risk of infection.

Don’t just assume your eyes are healed; always ask your doctor when you can start applying minimal eye make-up (eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara). You may also want to consider purchasing new eye make-up after cataract surgery to further reduce the possibility of infection.

So if you are planning to have a cataract surgery procedure, keep in mind that you’ll need to go for the “natural” look for a while after your procedure. If you are having surgery for a special event, be sure to plan enough healing time so you can look your very best for the event.

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